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Not only our themes pleasing to the eye, they make your Mahara portfolio more readable and easier to navigate, thus making it an engaging and free-flowing experience for the users. This is made possible by our understanding of Mahara and experiences that we had with our clients.
Choose from sophisticated, rigorously worked-out, eye-catching designs for your Portfolio and make your Mahara site stand out from the crowd with the professional edge and attractive design.

Choose from sophisticated, rigorously worked-out, eye-catching designs for your Mahara site and make your Mahara site stand out from the crowd with the professional and attractive design.

Our themes strictly follow Mahara standards for theme design. This is the reason you get consistent theme design with all the functionality.
Our themes undergo rigorous testing and then validation for set standards like coding style, basic structure, standard size, readability and validation.

Our themes are built on same technologies that are used by Mahara making our themes solid and fully compatible with Mahara.

Our developers have worked out and optimized codes for your Mahara site maintaining proper punctuations and comments to render readability and transparency. We can override/tweak the particular structure/parts of the design to render better enhanced designs with better readability and layout.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and make sure that each theme passes all our quality parameters which include text readability, aesthetics, user experience, to name a few.

Well we try to use minimum "HTML/TPL" , and "CSS" code in our Mahara themes to achieve simplicity in designs and the best looks. These code are hassle free and ready to use, we believe in maximum freedom for the customer and provide you complete CSS and "HTML/TPL" code to play around and customize your theme to your heart's fill.
To top it all, everything here is open with nothing kept hidden from you - the supreme user. This means that code, documentation as well as PSD files of the themes are at your disposal.

All code of Mahra themes (html and css) have been validated according to the W3C rules. We use "elegant/quality" graphics in our themes for a very professional look. We avoid using extra code/images unless they are particularly required and add to the design maintaining clutter free interface and layout.

All the files for the theme would be available to user.

Adding tracking codes (like google analytics or any such code) is a breeze with single input option.

You don't need you to jerk your head down over the table.:) We have ensured by continuous development and testing that our themes are independent of browser and render same results, layout and graphics on all standard browsers.
It's not only browser independent but the themes are version independent also. Eg:- The themes render consistent look at IE-7, IE-8 and IE-9, and the same concept would be applicable for other browsers as well.

You will feel the homogeneous and uniform experience when you toggle your mahara and moodle designs; as if you are browsing the same site. And we do it for you very effectively and smoothly.

As we all know there is not much support about Mahara theme in the market, Our uniquely constituted support team ensures best and timely support for you. Our support team includes not only Mahara designers but also experienced Mahara developers and tester so that your queries get resolved quickly without iterations.
You have the convenience of contacting us at our User Forums, our Issue Tracker or you can simply email us at We ensure you the quick and best support.

Support ticket makes sure that you are heard and responded timely. If you have any issue with our theme raise a ticket and we will get back to you with a solution ASAP.
The User Forum gives you the space to meet like-minded Mahara enthusiasts and also the technical support at maharathemes. Here you can share your experiences, skills, minor issues or 'how-tos' and get help from many collaborative minds working for you.

New to Mahara? No problem. Our comprehensive worked out guide will ensure that mahara theme installation and commissioning becomes a cake-walk for you. Moreover, we are always available to support you.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we understand the need of giving back to Mahara community.
All of our Mahara themes are licensed free. However, in future we may change our policy.

Unlike competition we have created custom icons for all our themes so that you don’t have to make any compromise with your brand new Mahara theme.
Our icons work even when they are stretched, good for user having large screens.
And we made a number of icons in our themes eg:- Home, Watchlist, Print, Feedback, Report objectionable material, these icons give you very cool look for theme.