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our services


We provide you a brand new site made to your satisfaction with your ideas converted to a perfect design by our core team.


  • A complete Mahara theme coded from scratch.
  • Sub-menus, institutional independ "logos" and "setting feature for customized color".
  • A mock-up of Mahara (for your approval) using your new design.
  • Two weeks of back-and-forth collaboration on your design.
  • Customized, improved icons made to your satisfaction.
  • Standard-based and tested for Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Continuous bug support for the current stable version.
  • Turnaround time of approximately one-week after design is approved.


  • You can either choose Mahara 1.4.x or 1.5.x compatibility.
  • Your site will be built from scratch as per your requirement and perception of design.

How it works

  • To start, tell us what you'd like your theme to look like. If you have a logo or branding materials you'd like us to use for inspiration, share them. Our project manager will collect all needed information and get you into our schedule.
  • When work begins on your theme, you'll get an account in Basecamp, where you can monitor your theme's progress and communicate with our designers.
  • Within a week, we'll send you our initial design based on your input and branding materials. We'll spend up to two weeks tweaking that design through collaborative back-and-forth communication before coding your theme.
  • At the end of the fourth week, you'll get access to our Mahara server for final testing and review. When you're satisfied that the theme matches your design, we'll deliver your files.