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In this package we take the feel and design aesthetics from your existing site, and carry that same look and feel over to your new Mahara site.


  • A mock-up of Mahara using your existing site's design.
  • Excellent and Improved custom icons are available.
  • Standard-based and Cross-browser compatibility
  • Continuous technical support for the current stable version.
  • Approximately a two-week turnaround.


  • We create a new Mahara Theme based on your website or design.
  • You can either choose Mahara 1.4.x or 1.5.x compatibility.

How it works

  • Send us a link of your existing site or a mockup of your design. Our project manager will contact you to discuss work-map and collect all the needed information to get you into our schedule.
  • When work begins on your theme, you'll get an account in our Basecamp, where you can monitor your theme's progress and communicate with our designers.
  • Within a week, we'll create a mockup of your design in Mahara, and you'll have an opportunity to provide feedback and recommend changes before we code your theme.
  • At the end of second week, you'll get access to our Mahara server for final testing and review. When you're satisfied that our theme matches your design, we'll deliver your files.